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Inverter Duty Motors

Inverter Duty or Inverter Rated

LEESON motors listed as General Purpose, 3 phase, that are 1 HP and above are equipped with an enhanced insulation system (IRIS or Ultimate Spike Defense) and are considered “Inverter Duty”. “Inverter Duty” (often called “Inverter Rated”) motors describes a class of motors that are suitable for use with Variable Frequency Drives. They meet or exceed the requirements of NEMA MG1, Part 30. Inverter Duty motors are most often used in 10:1 speed range.

Vector Duty

LEESON motors listed specifically as “Inverter Duty” have been specifically designed for optimum operation on vector controls as well. “Vector Duty” describes a class of motors that are used in conjunction with Open or Closed Loop Vector controls that provide enhanced performance under low speed operating conditions, in cases where torque (rather than speed) must be controlled. These motors feature a wide constant torque (up to 2000:1) and or constant horsepower (up to 4:1) speed range and are performance matched to all current technology IGBT drives.

These motors also have the IRIS insulation system, over temperature protection, provisions for encoder mounting, precision balanced rotor assemblies, are made in the USA and come with a 3 year warranty.For additional information on Inverter Duty or vector Duty motors, please contact us.