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WATTSAVER® Premium Efficiency Motors 1/3 to 200 HP

 Premium efficiency motors with the IRIS™ insulation system for extra spike protection is standard at no extra cost. These    motors are designed for superior performance in PWM and vector-drive service. Efficiencies meet or exceed most utility  rebate programs and have been independently verified to IEEE 112B standards. Meets requirements for NEMA MG-1,  part  30. Suitable for use with an inverter up to 10:1 variable torque and 10:1 constant torque. With blower kit, and proper  inverter  setup, suitable for use up to 20:1 variable torque and 10:1 constant torque. Also suitable for vector-duty (full rated torque at zero speed) with blower and encoder kits.

Efficiencies meet or exceed NEMA Premium on all WATTSAVER® motors except as noted.

Meets or exceeds the 1997 mandated efficiency standards of the Energy Policy Act of 1992. Also meets or exceeds efficiency requirements of most electric utility rebate programs.

Rugged cast iron construction on three phase, 3-100 HP models. These motors share features with normal efficiency 150 Series motors. Add an optional cast iron fan guard for severe duty applications.

UL and CSA Recognition
CSA certified under report number LR62104 CSA Energy Efficiency Verification report number EEV78720-1 UL recognized insulation system, file number E55555 UL recognized construction, file number E57948

Second-generation, high temperature, spike-resistant magnet wire for extended motor life. Stator impregnated with extra-heavy varnish system. 1.15 Service Factor. All WATTSAVER® motors have Class F insulation with a Class B rise.

One-way, corrosion resistant condensate drains. (TEFC models) release condensation and moisture.

Premium efficiency motors finished with primer and chemical resistant green acrylic matte enamel.

Both 3/4 and full load efficiencies are listed on the stainless steel nameplate for your convenience in calculating realistic energy savings. Unique serial number identifies each motor and is stamped clearly on the metal nameplate.

Modification to meet IEEE 841 available through Custom PDQ.  Includes addition of watertight Inpro shaft seals, two-part epoxy finish, and plated hardware.

Independently verified efficiencies by the Canadian Standards Association, an internationally recognized testing laboratory. CSA Report Number EEV78720-1.

Three phase models suitable for inverter duty, as well as both 50 Hz and 60 Hz operation.

Connections include red leads for NC thermostats attached to windings for over-temperature protection.